jack skellington

News in the form of a story.

"Well...here goes nothing."

The door opened and nine men entered the vast chamber, all of them save one in red-themed attire.

"Good, you're all here. Let's get started."

Several heads spun wildly looking for the source of the voice, and eventually all eyes came to rest on the mechanical being that descended from above. It looked...oddly feminine in shape and design, and had one bright yellow eye fixed on them in a way that was almost predatory.

"Aw, hell no," whispered one of them, trying his best to seem invisible under his baseball cap.

"Alright, what's the meaning of this?" barked a helmeted one from the back. "We came all this way, so you'd better have a damn good explanation!"

"Believe me, Soldier class, your lost time will not affect how you're paid. Your friend the Announcer is...an acquaintance of mine."

The Soldier gave a quiet hmph, but said nothing more.

One bearing an eyepatch called out next. "Be that as it may, yeh still 'aven't told us why we're here." Next to him came a muffled agreement from one wearing a gas mask.

The computer said nothing, and instead turned her attention to a large monitor hanging on the far wall. It blipped on, bearing the image of a girl with long hair and glasses who looked down at them and smiled, waving her hand.

"Hello, all! Glad you could make it."

"Hello," mumbled the biggest one thickly, realizing too late that it was a recording.

"I'm sure you've met my good friend GLaDOS. We were recently happily reacquainted, so try to be nice. That means you, Engie! Don't think I don't see you eyeing that circuitry!"

One wearing goggles and a hard hat hung his head. "Dang."

"Anyway, I'm sorta making this video on the fly; I've been in a rush trying to get everything packed..."

"Packed?" "Shh!"

"Yes, it's that time of year, I'm afraid. Family five-day trip to Tennessee, where I'll be, for the most part, completely cut off from civilization. There may be dial-up, but don't count on seeing me too much."

"Oh, five days? Zat's no so bad. Maybe she vill--"

"Unfortuately, following my return I will immediately be starting my weekend job, and so our already limited time together will be cut down even more, and for this I offer my sincerest apologies, to GLaDOS especially."

The computer said nothing, but gave an idle little shiver.

"I promise I'll spend as much time with you all as I can when I get back. Until then, I love you all! Heavy, try to share the sandvich; Medic, give Archimedes a big hug for me; and Sniper, my love...don't give in to the French taunters."

The one in the slouch hat glared at the masked one in the blue suit, and received a knowing, if not malicious smirk in return.

"Fare thee well; I shall see thee in a week!"

The monitor then blipped off, and the computer's gaze returned to the group in front of her. "That'll be all. Any questions?"

Quiet, then the baseball-capped one raised his hand. "Got any extra hats lyin' around?"

"No, but I have a neat gun that I think you'll love."

A life-changing experience.

Yesterday, as I was driving across Indiana, I got distracted and swerved off the road. I completely lost control as I drifted into the grassy median, hitting the line of cabling that ran along the middle. (I must have blacked out when it rolled, since I don't remember feeling the sensation of flipping and yet there was considerable damage on top as well).

When the world stopped spinning, I emerged - completely unharmed. Our little car, however, had given its life for me - both mirrors broken off, left head and tail lights destroyed, top scratched immeasurably, and both left and right sides dented beyond recognition. Some passersby helped me get it back on the road and off a nearby exit to a gas station where I called my parents and the police.

I sat several hours in the corpse of the car for Mom & Dad to drive 2.5 hours to where I was. This little car, which would have been mine eventually, was utterly totaled and I felt the deepest shock, trauma, and guilt. I foodled around on my phone during that time, trying to ignore the unsafe lane movement ticket in the passenger seat.

Eventually, they arrived, knowing I had learned my lesson the hard way and just relieved that I was alive. We drove home in Dad's truck, our one remaining car, after settling everything with Geico and waiting for a tow truck. I sat quiet most of the way, staring numbly at the souvenir wheel cover in my lap.

I could have died. And yet the seatbelt held, the airbags deployed, and the rollcage kept the roof from collapsing on me. I'm Still Alive, as the song goes.

Never before, and hopefully never again will I be more grateful for that fact.

Less-depressing Acen/etc post coming, I promise!
seal of rassilon

*plays Labyrinth music*

Home again, home again. The last exam went well and we were packed and out the door the next morning. How we managed to fit all my stuff in our little little car is still a mystery to me.

I've missed my family and cats so much; it feels great to be around them again. I've definitely noted how each of us has changed in adaptation to my absence, though; my sister is ecstatic to have me around again but is off with her friends much more often, and I've also become much more complacent and automatic in my daily duties and whims.

So I've grown up, in a way. No big deal.

So...how is everyone? Seriously, I've missed you all to bits. Let's get together sometime :P
is there life on mars

Less than two weeks until finals...

Registering for classes is still in flux while I wait for a professor to draft me a test to see if I can bypass the basic broadcasting class. In the meantime, I've kept busy doing this and that; mostly in preparation for the different projects due before finals, and we haven't even reached the final shebang, so to speak.

Still, staying stress-free has thankfully been relatively easy; I try to deal with each project as it comes while laying in the groundwork far ahead of time so it doesn't pile up. Free time has been spent watching Spoony and Linkara, and maaaaaan has that helped a ton. Fellow viewers may be familiar with their unique brands of humor, and they never fail to brighten my attitude in some form or another.

As for today's goings-on, I donated blood this afternoon! I try to do it often, with mixed effects on my health, but today was thankfully unaffected outside momentary motion headaches. I'd show a picture of where they stuck me, but it just looks gross right now, so I'll spare you :P

I'm truly happy to be on the way out. I miss you all tons and I can't wait to see everyone again. Peace!

So this is why Garfield hates Mondays.

The moment I woke up I knew it was going to be a bad day. My head was throbbing insistently and my stomach felt uneasy, feelings that continued throughout the day.

Met with the college writing professor to discuss an upcoming presentation, and she gave me a lot of points to work on, so that at least will keep me busy.

Apparently I wasn't alone in my misery during Native American Lit. The sky looked dark and angry, and began thundering and pouring halfway through. Fortunately the professor recognized our tired silence for what it was, and mercifully let us out early.

Tried napping before lunch, but that doesn't exactly work with a roommate that's always watching BET.

After lunch was a test in Japanese, but that didn't go well either. Perhaps that's my own fault, but I blame the bad start.

After my last class (women's chorus), I had to traipse across campus and back several times through the rain to get my tuition paid in time for registering for classes. Then when I finally did sit down to register, two of the classes I needed to get out of the way had a prerequisite broadcasting class that I wasn't aware of and didn't have time to take. I emailed the professor and asked if he could make an exception, but have had yet to hear back from him.

Then finally, on my way back across campus, my tiny umbrella succumbed to the stress of the wind and rain and will no longer function properly.

An FML would be the initial response, but maybe in this case a F This Day would be more apt.