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Fic: At Last

Title: At Last
Author: WibSkelDS9 (bacon_fiend)
Characters/Pairings: Zidler/Duke, et al
Ratings: PG because hey, it's slash
Warnings: Coming out and future slash implied
Summary: Zidler’s out of the closet. Who does he like?

They were all sitting on the stage: some lounging, some sitting straight, some hanging upside down out of pure whim. Zidler sat in the extra chair next to the Duke’s empty one. That was where he delivered the news.

“WHAT!?” cried Christian, in utter shock.

Zidler shrugged and nodded simultaneously, smiling a little.

“Ha!” shouted Nini from the back, half-triumphant and half-sarcastic. “I knew it!”

Satine held a delicate hand up to her mouth. “Harold…how long…?”

“For a while,” he replied. “I always knew there was some reason I never fell for any of you girls.”

“Ohh, wove!” awed Toulouse happily. “It is pure in aw forms. Who’s the wucky man?”

The door opened at the back of the theater. They all turned or looked up to see the Duke. He stopped short at the sight of Zidler, his eyes widening noticeably.

“G-good morning, Zidler,” he greeted nervously.

Zidler’s grin held more than just a hint of devilishness as he told the company, “Alright, everyone! Let’s get started!”

Christian smiled as he helped Satine off the stage. “A step in the right direction, eh?”

Satine returned his smile. “And it’s about bloody time, too.”

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